Homestay CatchUp August 2018 – our latest newsletter

Homestay CatchUp – August 2018

 Dear homestay partners,

 It’s been a busy few months with homestay students, thank you very much in helping our recently-arrived international students.

There are some important changes to the Working With Children legislations, and our compliance obligations to colleges. Please read the below and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We have intakes coming in October, so let a friend know and introduce them to the rewards of homestay hosting!

– Winnie


In June 2018, changes were made to WWCC laws. The main changes that may affect homestay hosts are:

  • WWCC holders must keep their personal details up to date or risk a penalty
  • Employers must verify child-related workers or risk a fine (which we have been compliant with in any case)

If you have changed your name and/or contact details, please make sure you notify the NSW Office of Children’s Guardian by following this link.

Also as this is the fifth year of the new WWCC system, the WWCC of many of our homestay hosts would be near expiry. We do our best to remind our hosts to renew, but please check your WWCC to ensure your check has not expired. Being a homestay host without a valid WWCC is an offence and heavy penalties apply.

Has your household composition changed?

Did you recently get a new pet? Or a child turned 18? Or welcomed a new bundle of joy?

From August 2018, when we book a new student with you, we may ask if your household composition has changed from our records. Such changes may include:

  • Child turning 18;
  • Adult household member arriving (including relatives who intend to reside with you; and over-18 homestay students not allocated by us);
  • Adult household member leaving;
  • New children;
  • Pets;
  • New additions to house (especially items that may involve additional safety measures, eg. swimming pool)

This not only helps us find students that best match your profile, but also helps us in our compliance obligations to various colleges. 

Be heard – keep your email address updated!

We always appreciate keeping in touch with our homestay hosts – whether it is student stories, issues, or feedback on how we can improve.

For us to do that, please make sure that the email address you gave us is one you would check regularly.

As you know we send you important homestay information via email – like info of your student, payment reports, and latest news that help your homestay life.

So please make sure we can contact you on your email address – and if you’ve changed your phone, please let us know too!


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